Hepatic carcinoma with pulmonary metastasis


A 65-year-old patient is affected by  hepatic carcinoma. The carcinoma is of a remarkable size and has pulmonary metastasis (as shown by CAT scan of April 19, 2002). A transcardiac catheter is positioned in the pulmonary artery, and another catheter in the hepatic artery. The patient undergoes a cycle of daily endoarterial infusions with 500-550 cc of sodium bicarbonate solutions at 5% for eight days. In the month of July, the neoplastic hepatic mass is still 10 cm in size. Further cycles of intravenous infusion as well as oral administrations are performed in the following months. A CAT scan performed on December 4, 2002 shows a reduction of the hepatic lesion to 7 cm and an almost total regression of the pulmonary metastasis.


Fig. 1 and 2. CAT scan of liver before (above July 23, 2002) and after (December 4, 2002) the treatment.


Fig. 1








Fig. 3. CAT scan of the lung before the treatment, taken on April 19, 2002.


Fig. 4. CAT scan of the lung after the treatment, taken on December 4, 2002










Dr. Tullio Simoncini  Oncologo